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Michael dickdurk at intercom.net
Tue Dec 31 23:50:35 PST 1996

Ice Box SizeI used several layers of foil between several layers of foam when I retro fitted #220's icebox. I'd need a control sample to test performance, but the idea is foil stops infrared spectrum heat from penetrating. Especially critical on the engine side and outboard side (I have a black hull). 

I can now go a week easy with about 50 lbs. ice. Make sure you use a gooseneck in the water drain tube.

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  I'm currently rebuilding the ice box in Trillium III from the old vertical style with the door to the newer top lid style.  I was wondering if anyone has used foil insulation as well as styrofoam and how it performed.

  Charles Haggart # 150 

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