[alberg30] Re: Refinishing Cabin Sole

Robert E Johns bobjns at nais.com
Wed Dec 2 17:51:39 PST 1998

From: Robert E Johns <bobjns at nais.com>

The sole on Wind Call #397 is a teak vineer which on my 1969 boat  is
wearing through in the galley/companionway area. The lazzarette and main
companionway hatches and the inlaid cockpit seat inserts were laminated
teak all the way through and I was able to sand through one layer of glue
into good cross grained teak and I did it several times. I am not sure
about the cabin sole. I suggest that before sanding the teak sole that you
remove the trim strips and check to see that there is good wood under the
top layer of teak. I plan to do this before I do any refinishing of the

Bob Johns, Wind Call #397

>     Hi folks,   I'm going to refinish the teak & holly cabin  sole
>sometime this winter  and I' m  looking for a very tough (and beautiful)
>finish. Any  recommendations out there, regular varnish, acrylic, brand
>names, ... ?   Should I strip the existing finish completely or lightly
>sand  it and then apply a new finish ?   Any help from someone who has
>already done this would be  greatly appreciated. Please let me know how
>you did it and how it  turned out.   Thanks. Guy    Cyrena # 466
>guy.lalonde at sympatico.ca 

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