[alberg30] Re: Staysail on the sailplan?

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Tue Dec 8 10:03:29 PST 1998

From: FINNUS505 at aol.com

Hi Tom, 
I'm looking at a crisp xerox of the same sailplan you have, and I am also at a
loss to explain what that line that starts about a foot aft of the stem head
and runs up to  a couple of feet above the spreaders is. If it is a staysail,
it is drawn as an overlapping staysail, with a very strange looking foot. I
don't know what it is.
When Carl Alberg passed away, all of his designs and plans were archived at
the Peabody Museum, in Salem, Mass.  When we bought our Alberg 22, we spent a
nice weekend up there, and for about 90 bucks got copies, full size, of all
the drawings for the boat. I am going to have to do the same for Stargazer,
and maybe in some more detailed sailplan or rigging drawing, we will be able
to find ou what that damn line is!
Lee Trachtenberg
Stargazer #255

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