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George Dinwiddie gdinwiddie at min.net
Tue Dec 29 13:09:26 PST 1998

From: George Dinwiddie <gdinwiddie at min.net>


I've never seen a varnished spinnaker pole.  What racer has time
to varnish? ;-)  I've seen wooden poles with bronze fittings,
aluminum poles with wooden ends holding bronze fittings, and "modern"
aluminum poles.  The this is: Whitby would provide whatever the
buyer wanted as factory equipment.  There wasn't a lot of consistency.
The pole I have was a second-hand one with two trigger fittings
that I bought from Bacon's in Annapolis.  It was a single bridle
pole, but I easily added a second bridle.  There are plenty of
other used-gear places  Just be sure to get one the right length
if you want to race.

 - George

> FINNUS505 at aol.com said:
> Doesn't take a genious to figure from your letter that early boats had wooden
> spinakerpoles.  Must have been pretty, varnished and all.  See many left in
> the fleets?

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