[alberg30] Re: FS: [Sail] 1967 Alberg 30, US$16,500 obo; So. FL USA

Steve Weingart shw at gate.net
Thu May 28 12:45:53 PDT 1998

From: Steve Weingart <shw at gate.net>


>I'm sorry to hear that your boat's for sail.  If you find yourself
>up this way, give a shout and you can go sailing with us.

Thanks, me too.  It's going to be several years before my business will
allow me time to enjoy a larger boat.  It wouldn't have done either me or
Wyvern any good to deny that any more.

We'll be back when the dust settles!

Thanks for the offer, I was in DC twice this year so far, maybe I can end
up in the neighborhood on a Friday some time.

Cheers, fair winds,


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