[alberg30] Alberg Speed

Mon Oct 26 06:15:26 PST 1998

> Robert Brody said:
> What is the maximum speed for an Alberg 30?

Well, if you drop it off of a very tall cliff, the terminal velocity
would be ... ;-)  Seriously, you can estimate the hull speed by 
multiplying the waterline length by 1.34, but you have to realize 
what that is really calculating.  When the wavelength of the bow
wave reaches the length of the waterline, the boat has to start 
climbing its own bow wave to go faster.  It *can* do this, but it
requires a lot of energy.

I've been on an Alberg 30 that hit 10 knots or better while racing.
Of course, this was with a 40 knot breeze on the stern.

As has been pointed out, the waterline length is greater when the
boat heels.  That's part of the reason for the long overhangs on
boats designed to the old CCA rating rules.

> Also: How does the boat rate for racing???

On the Chesapeake, we race as a one-design class.  You could contact
the local PHRF committee to get the rating.  Somewhere on the web
there's a list of PHRF ratings for various boats.

 - George

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