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Gordon E. White gewhite at crosslink.net
Fri Oct 30 04:12:32 PST 1998

From: "Gordon E. White" <gewhite at crosslink.net>

    I don't have the data on the tanks the Association bought, even
though I have one. I think George Dinwiddie might have what you need.

    My fuel tank is just where yours is. It is a plastic tank, installed
when my diesel was put in before I bought it. I think most of the boats
had ternplate metal tanks in the same place, starboard, inside the sail
locker. I agree with you that it is a bit high, but maybe it needed to
be that way to get fuel flow. I have slight problems filling it, but
nothing too major. I would like a lower, more central, location, but the
Alberg does not have a lot of room low down. I think it would be
possible to construct or buy a plastic tank that fit lower in the same
space but I haven't had the inclination to do that. In fact I added an
auxiliary tank in the same locker. I may move this to the port side, but
of course the icebox is over there.
    (I had a near-disaster when my main halyard stuck partway down in a
blow when approaching a drawbridge and the engine would not start
because the rough conditions stirred up sediment in the tank that
clogged the screen around the pickup. Needless to say I have removed the
screen. I also installed parallel Raco filters and a second tank to give
me full redundancy in fuel supply.)
                            - Gordon White A-275

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