[alberg30] wanted: hard dodger pattern

alberg30 alberg30 at interactive.net
Sun Dec 12 19:07:35 PST 1999

From: "alberg30" <alberg30 at interactive.net>

While I am having great success with the bow pulpit/anchor roller project
thus far, my attempts this weekend to create a pattern and semi-rigid
mock-up of the hard dodger were a complete and utter failure. 

20 knot winds ( it seemed like) blew my cardboard off the top of my
grounded Alberg as I cursed furiously. I managed to get some semi-complete
measurements from an in place dodger frame on an A30 on the hard in
RockHold Creek Marina, but eventually realized that I really need the
remains of a fabric dodger to do this properly. Otherwise, I have to start
from scratch, beginning  with a frame -which may not achieve the delicate
curves I am looking for.

Hence, I was wondering if anyone will be replacing their threadbare or
damaged dodger in the coming year. I would like to borrow the remains for a
pattern. Maybe you have one buried in the shed or garage? I anticipate
deconstructing it so a new dodger might not come back in one piece if you
get my drift.

Anyone want to pass on their dead dodger in the name of science?

Thanks again;

Joe #499
"One Less Traveled"

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