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Thu Dec 16 13:25:53 PST 1999

From: "alberg30" <alberg30 at interactive.net>

Russ, Greg, and the rest of you nay-sayers:

You just worry about your own projects--and let me get on with mine!! :)

But seriously, the bow pulpit is near completion, and since I already have
$70 worth of wiggle wood clogging up my garage--I intend to make the hard
dodger next, or die trying!!

Building the hard dodger is as much a lesson in creativity as it is a
"practical project." I mean, I could probably build a dingy, but I have one
of those already.

I have sailed on an Alberg enough to know that I want a dodger, and to also
know that a craftily built one will be a great benefit rather than a
hindrance. Haven't sailed on an A30 with a dodger, but I have sailed on a 
Person Vanguard with a dodger and loved it. Also, I don't really
race--actually, don't sail much either come to think about it   -since the
boat is in the yard. But anyway, I think for cruising, a hard dodger would
be a clever addition. 

Since I don't plan to laminate the hard dodger to the deck, clearly it will
be removable. If I don't like it, then I expect you will see the thread
next summer: "Anybody want this thing?" or "Free to a Good Home.."

But in the mean time--- please, humor me!!  

Joe #499
"One Less Traveled"

PS- Greg, would like to try your pattern. 

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