[alberg30] Carina Vela in Print!!!

Christopher Sousa jsss at net1plus.com
Thu Dec 30 10:15:27 PST 1999

From: Christopher Sousa <jsss at net1plus.com>

Hey ya'll!  

Check out this month's Good Old Boat!  Featured on page 62 is an article
about our restoration of Carina Vela two years ago.  We are proud to
have #114 in a national magazine, and it is great to finally have some
national publicity for Albergs.  Good Old Boat is now available at West
Marine and other marine providers.

Check it out!

Chris Sousa (back from UMASS for winter break!!!)
Alberg 30 
#114 Carina Vela
Vanguard 420's 
University of Massachusetts Sailing Team

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