[alberg30] CCA Design Suitabilty for Cruising (very long)

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There are some points that are true in that essay.  Pointing, for example, is 
not the best point of sail for a A 30.  I owned another Alberg design, the 
Pearson Arial, which was also a full keel boat, but the forfoot was cut away 
a little.  It also had lead ballast, and the keel was not as fat.  In athat 
boat , in 1984, I was fleet champion in my club.  I had 3 first places and  1 
second place finish in my class.  ( threw out 2 second place finishes)  In 
two of those races I was first to finish.  There were a lot of more modern 
boats, most of them, actually, and they had to give me time so they didn't 
like it at all.  However, I could get that boat to point at least 5 degrees 
higher on a tack than the A 30.  That Arial was the best sailing boat I ever 
owned, and I wish many times that I still had her.  I also owned an Alberg 
Sea Sprite, and she too was a better performer than My A 30.
Don't get the idea that my boat never wins a flag.  We has collected many.  
Last summer I tool a second in JAM.  1st was a Catalina 34, in my class.  
Going into the last race we were tied for first.  I lost the last race by 12 
seconds, and it was my fault, because I tacked a boat length to soon, not 
alowing for current, and had to throw in 2 more tacks to get across the line.
I realize the defects, but I am fond of the old lady.  Se takes more effort 
to sail than the Arial, in many ways, and the Arial was a stiffer boat.  
Better balast to displacement ratio, with lead on top of that.
I know most of us are very fond of the A 30. but realize it for what it is.  
She has a lot of crannies for storage, but is tight on living space.  
Everything in life is a trade off, one way or another
IMHO     Russ Pfeiffer

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