[alberg30] Documentation ?

George Dinwiddie gdinwiddie at min.net
Thu Dec 9 15:28:19 PST 1999

From: "George Dinwiddie" <gdinwiddie at min.net>


Use the 4" letters.  It's not worth the risk of constantly
being stopped by the CG.  We've got "Norfolk Va" in 4"
letters.  It fits OK.

 - George

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> Subject: [alberg30] Documentation ?
> From: Tom Sutherland <sutherlandt at prodigy.net>
> Hi all !
> Can someone shed a bit of light on a question I have about
> "Documentation" ?  In the information I received from the 
> Coast Guard it
> says :
> "The name and hailing port both must be marked together on 
> some clearly
> visible exterior part of the hull .. . All must be at least 
> 4" in height
> ..."
> I have no problem with the name but It seems to me that if I put the
> hailing port in 4" high letters on the stern of my Alberg 30 it would
> really crowd things up. Have those of you who have Documented vessels
> and chosen to put the name and hailing port on the stern used letters
> this large for the "hailing port" ? Has anyone ever had any 
> run in with
> the Coast Guard in regard to the name or port of call which 
> may stray a
> bit from the stated requirements ?
> TIA ... Tom S
>             A30  # 412

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