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Annapolis MD, as opposed to Annapolis, Maryland is legal and fits fine with
4" letters. 

Tom F.
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>    The lady who did a new hailing port on peel-off lettering for me when I
> moved down
> here told me I needed 4" BLOCK letters, but putting "Deltaville, Virginia"
> that big
> really crowded my transom, so I told her to use smaller letters, which I
> had used when
> putting "Annapolis, Maryland" on before. So I used about 3" letters with
> serifs. That
> got me to looking at other boats' names. There is no certainty/uniformity
> to them, at
> least around here. I have been boarded several times and the USCG has
> never brought up
> my non-standard lettering. Not that some Coastie won't some day, but not
> so far.
>     By the way, I think anyone contemplating a boat name ought to try
> calling it over
> vhf in a simulated distress situation (not over the air, of course) and
> seeing if it
> sounds really silly or worse, impossible to understand. There are some
> weird names on
> boats.
>                                             - Gordon White
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