[alberg30] wanted: hard dodger pattern-bow pulpit

SandersM at aol.com SandersM at aol.com
Thu Dec 16 10:55:11 PST 1999

From: SandersM at aol.com

I confess that I've been reading this thread with some misgivings.  WILD ELF 
has a soft dodger, made of dark green canvas stretched over aluminum frames 
that fold down to the coachroof, that I never ever use.   It's well made, and 
it does what it does, but I've never much liked the windage and the 
constrictions and the obstructions that a dodger causes in a small boat like 
the A30.

So:  Does anybody want a dark green canvas dodger?  :-)

Sanders McNew
WILD ELF (# 297)
Oyster Bay, New York

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