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Dick Filinich daf at mobiletel.com
Mon Apr 17 19:23:13 PDT 2000

Hey All:Again thanks for the imput on auto pilots,I settled on the
autohelm  st 2000 over the simrad it was a matter of the salesman in the
boat u.s store assuring me that if I had any problems I could bring it
direct to the store and they would take care of any problem.Anyway the
pilot $566 and traveler$359 total $925 will be in this week.Now next
problem,according to North sails manager my main is over one foot longer
than what the specs call for on the A-30,and I need to get some head
room to install a bimini.The track that the boom rides on has room for
the boom to come up another foot.I haven't talked to a loft yet but I
assume a foot or so can be taken of the "bottom?"of main,I would lose
about 14 square feet of sail,but would this change the sailing
characteristics by having the main higher off the deck.I want as much
head room as possible under the bimini.What would be considered a good
spacing between bottom of boom and top of bimini and then I have to
settle for what is left over I guess.Oh!what looks better on an A-30 6'
or 8'long bimini.I've tried to imagine if the top where bolted to deck
between forward and rear winches,sailing with top up would not present
too much of a problem,but laying the bimini down is what has me
concerned.Can't lay it over winches,or go to rear,,what if a pipe were
connected to rear of top  to rear hand rail so that bimini could be
stacked to rear of cockpit,but not interfere with main sheet.I have
plans for an inflatible dinghy to be stowed on cabin and that space is
already used.If anyone has a bimini that stows to rear of cockpit I
could really use your imput and photos to plan top with custom builder
or maybe catalog ordered bimini.Rough measurements looks to be 78" wide
and somewhere around 54" high.The length 6,7 or 8?Weekend before last
installed marine head that came with boat but been sitting next to
atomic four in my garage.My wife says now give me shade.Ha!Ha!Can't
blame her,while some of you are still waiting to defrost we were at 80
here yesterday.Again a long e-mail sorry.

P.S Sanders did you get my reply to your message?
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