[alberg30] bimini top

Wed Apr 19 06:09:20 PDT 2000


Imp (#61) has an off-the-shelf bimini.  I think Howard got it at a
department store.  I got one at Boats-r-us last year for around
$100.  It's not as sturday as a custom bimini - the frame is aluminum
and the top doesn't fit as closely - but it works fine.  I've got
it set up so that when it's folded forward, it lies on top the 
dodger.  I've also thought about replacing the screws that hold
the legs with ball-detent clevis pins.  Then it would be very
quick to take it down.

 - George

> Dick Filinich said:
> 	[snip]
> I got into the wild goose fall website
> concerning the A-30 association.There was a boat #61 racing#484,well
> #61 has the type of bimini I'm looking for,and I think there's another
> picture of the same boat in the raft up,Couldn't make out the details of
> how the top is rigged but looks to be set up to lay down behind the main
> sheet when not in use.If the owner of #61 is on the mailing list I
> really would like to get some details of your bimini top.

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