[alberg30] Wrinkled Varnish

Gord Laco gord at transatmarine.com
Tue Apr 25 06:06:24 PDT 2000

Hello -

Wrinkled varnish is caused by an application that is too thick.  The cure is
simple - sand it off, and apply a thinner coat.   In my wooden boat days I
always thinned coats until the last coat... and used a foam brush in order
to make each coat as thin as possible.

Gord - A KC426
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> I have used Epiphanes varnish for the last 4 years on Marion Rose and
> have been very pleased with it.  I have applied two additional refresh
> coats this year, sanding between coats.  When the second coat dried
> there were several wrinkle spots.  Does anyone know the cause of this
> and the cure?
> Bill Newman
> Marion Rose III, #233
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