[alberg30] wrapping the exhaust manifold

David Swanson zira at mindspring.com
Wed Apr 26 17:31:04 PDT 2000

Joe -

I bought mine at Kittrel's "Big A" Auto & Marine in Morehead City.  I am
sure any Big A and probably most other auto parts store can get you
some.  COmes in various widths & thickness', I used the thickest stuff.
I wrapped the pipe with the 'glass, then wrapped the glass with copper
seizing wire to hold it in place.

Strayaway Child
Alberg 30 #229

alberg30 wrote:

> Got the exhaust manifold off, rebuilt, and we're ready to
> reinstall. What do you wrap the exhaust manifold pipe in? --Why do you
> need to wrap it? Regards; Joe #499"One Less Traveled"
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