[alberg30] Addendum to 66 ALBERG 30

dai at pdq.net dai at pdq.net
Mon Jan 17 19:04:59 PST 2000

From: dai at pdq.net

I  am going to spend Saturday on the boat, getting the feel, crawling through
it and so on. The two brokers have it for 13.5 and 14.9k. I found further, 
the boat has been for sail for 14 months now and the owner has not been 
around. A survey was performed by a buyer last spring, and he backed out of
the deal. 
The boat apparently has electrolysis damage on the rudder, prop shaft and 
thru hull and needs a paint job. Nothing was said about blisters. Of course,
that is all the broker rep would say. Of course he doesn't have the survey, 
and the previous offer identity is unknown. So I know a bit more, but not 

I have discussed this with a friend who owns a Bristol 29.9 and he is going 
to go over the boat with me on Saturday. I still think this boat is a 
worthy purchase, And since the acquisition is 10 or 11 months prior to the 
time I was prepared to make an offer I must be exceedingly careful. But 
the chance to buy this fine boat has me a bit anxious. 

If it doesn't work out, I will find something to sail Galveston bay for the year or two and work out a better arrangement later. Yet, This seems like 
a real opportunity to own and rebuild an Alberg boat to a class condition, 
not a marina pacer and floating party yacht for saturday night. 

I found from one of the various pages the close racing photo and it is now
my PC Wallpaper. Supurb photo of a great boat. And if 50 ain't old, neither
is 36 or so for a boat. She ought do well to Corpus and south, or cross to 
the out islands and beyond once I refit her. 

Again though, if any of you have any thoughts, on my checkout this coming 
weekend, what to look for and so on, it would be greatly appreciated. 
Taking a mallot rubber and rawhide. some various cloth and cleaners to 
do some looking underneath. She needs paint top and bottom as is visible 
from the gunwales down though the top is decent in comparison. 

So to summarize, I believe the true story is: This is the inheriting 
brothers boat. His brother has passed. Brother tried to sell her and 
died. Wife wouldn't get on the boat after maiden voyage. The good part is 
it has a rebuilt engine, 2 cyl. Vitus diesel. No other modern accoutrements, 
but main is new, and 4 other sails, Genoa, Spinacker, Storm and jib. There 
is an old main and jib but I presume unusable. 

David Bell dai at pdq.net 

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