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Well, we are naturally contrary. Although I wasn't born here, I knew I would
live here after about age 3 onward. And at age 20, moved to Texas, 30 years
ago, and worked in the oil fields. Back out and much experience later I 
returned in 90.

However: I no longer have the wedge shaped body of light weigh necessary to 
cowboy it up. My son gave me a birthday card that said: "I wouldn't say you 
are old, but if you were a tractor tire, you would be lying on your side, 
full of petunias.
Having spent the better part of the last 16 years parenting, the last 7 
as a single parent, I am pretty worn out with a lot of things and feel it
is time for me to zero in on a couple of things I want to do before it is 
too, late. Cruising is one of them. Boatbuilding is out(3 year deal or more 
for an older guy). But rebuilding/refitting will work. And I happened on to 
the boat.

And, as the Captain said: "shoveling horse poop didn't hurt me any."

I am just thinking that I will leave that to my elder son who is the cowboy 
and my younger son and I will focus on, well, sailing and a different 
way to throw away money for awhile.

Oh. THe latter was the one that gave me that card.

And, Sanders: Get out the tape and watch it anyway. Great western film. 
BTW: Family heritage is out of Wild Horse Oklahoma. A tiny spot in the road. 
I do have the school caution sign from the 1940s. It was to have been 
the ranch name: Wild Horse Stables(with the adapted caution sign hanging from
the gate. Guess it will go in the study with my other relics.


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