[alberg30] engine alignment

Dick Filinich daf at mobiletel.com
Wed Jan 19 20:22:54 PST 2000

From: Dick Filinich <daf at mobiletel.com>

Kevin:By request from Lee I'll put on for all,this will be a bit lenghty
for those not interested move on.
1.never try to align engine with vessel out of water,boats flex and
twist,in water boats settle.
2.you need 2 people,wrenches for motor mount bolts,coupling bolts and a
set of mechanics feeler gauges(blade type)you will also need a way to
pick up the engine just enough to slide shims in mounts when
needed.Small hydraulic jack from auto trunk,2x4 wood stud on top of 2x4
laid on floor in front of engine,or brute strength,leverage is better.
3.use only metal plate for shim material,aluminum can be worked with
homeshop tools,hand held jig saw,find a diesel engine repair co.and see
if they have shim material comes in rolled sheets of different
thicknesses such as .010 thousanths of an inch etc.they might have some
left over without having to buy rolls.Shim material is cut with tin
snips.Find some scrap alum.plate and cut pieces into rectangles of about
3"x4" and along the 4"side cut slots a bit larger than the mount bolts
in to half the width of the plate.Start with 4 pieces 1/4 " and four of
1/8 "and slot all pieces.
4.Unbolt coupling and pull shaft back it should drop down just a bit,now
check where your shaft is centered in stuffing box packing,by moving
shaft around and turning it until you get the the feel that the shaft is
centered and not in a bind.
5.If any material that is compressible or will rot away like wood remove
it,as shim material.
6.Pull couplings together with shaft centered and check how high engine
has to come to get couplings together (measure on top of flange
difference in heights).Add shims to bring engine up till flanges are
close to same height.Look at coupling from the side view if top of
coupling is closer than bottom then add shim material to rear of engine

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