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Timothy C. Lackey tlackey1 at maine.rr.com
Sat Jan 22 08:01:20 PST 2000

From: "Timothy C. Lackey" <tlackey1 at maine.rr.com>

I copied this description from the HGTV website:

"Home on the Waves
Ahoy, there! Families who live year-round on fabulous seaworthy vessels
invite viewers onboard to get a flavor of the lifestyle that the
"live-aboards" love. The one-hour primetime special showcases five types of
boats -- multimillion-dollar luxury; high end; homey; antique; and
one-of-a-kind -- and features key elements of their design, decor and
maintenance. These are not weekend or vacation houseboats; they are truly
home to their happy owners, who discuss their unusual lifestyle and the
thrill of realizing their dream. Leonor Anthony hosts. Home on the Waves
airs Sunday, January 23 at 9 p.m. and midnight EST." (from www.hgtv.com)

Draw your own conclusions!  I may tune in, but I can envision turning it off
in disgust after a short while.  Sounds not too realistic.


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From: Tom Sutherland <sutherlandt at prodigy.net>
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Date: Friday, January 21, 2000 16:46
Subject: [alberg30] TV Special

>From: Tom Sutherland <sutherlandt at prodigy.net>
>I just heard about an hour-long special about living aboard.   My
>says the title is "Home on the Waves."
>HGTV, Sunday, January 23.   At 9 p.m. Eastern.   Right after the
>program "Extreme Homes."
>Tom S
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