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John Birch Sunstone at idirect.com
Wed Jan 26 19:44:27 PST 2000

From: John Birch <Sunstone at idirect.com>

Joe Murray;

Greetings, I know Ron well and knew Charlie too- he was a fine sailor and a kindly gent.  I raced against both of them first in Wind Rose my A-30, and then as guest helmsman in Dolcé Vita (Harry Grigat's boat) for 6 years when we traded up to an A-37.

Ron is a first rate sailor and a real task to beat, one was the last Great Lakes Championships he raced when we successfully lee bowed him at the start and then covered him in a close tacking duel.
He finished half a boat length behind us as we took the '98 GLC.   We teamed with him to defend from the American's in the Syronelle Team races. I'd rather have him on my team than against us.
When ever we did manage to beat him, it was close and always involved a close tacking duel - Ron was as magnanimous in defeat as in victory and he beat us often too.

We worked him hard for those three GLCs he won and he deserved them.  Ron spent a lot of time preparing the boat and finishing the bottom so please paint it carefully as that bottom was as smooth as they come and it took a lot of work to get her that way.

The sails are first rate and if you fold 'em diligently and carefully they will be devastating on a race course for many years to come.   Ron did some really interesting work to the boat, reglassing the keel ballast from inside and reinforcing the forward third of the boat for offshore work.   He also did the mast step, a chronic problem for many 30's and it should be solved.

I don't know what you paid for her but what ever it was you have bought a fine boat with a happy history, a lucky ship and I have nothing but respect for her two previous owners.  I have come to learn that Albergs tend to attract a disproportionate number of  nice, interesting people - it must be the synergy between the boat and the souls who are attracted to them.  I'm sure you will fit her just fine.

Fair winds, we miss her up here - remember you are only borrowing her from the future.

Take care, and consider joining the Great Lakes Alberg Association. http://grasp.ca/alberg/

Keep in touch.


John Birch, Sunstone KC-65

halifaxnovascotia at canada.com wrote:

> From: halifaxnovascotia at canada.com
> I purchased Persephon last February from Ron Searles(via ward yachts) and had her shipped to Nova Scotia from Toronto. Mr. Searles must have known she was my first boat because he has kind enough to type a 10 page owners manual on her systems and how to sail her. If anyone knows Ron please pass along my many thanks.
> Below is the first page of the Rons' manual that i found when i boarded Persephone the first time.
> Dear Mr. Murray,
> Congratulations on being the new owner of Persephone. She's a fine boat, and if you treat her well, i'm sure she will give you many years of great pleasure.
> First a bit about Persephone's history. I do hope you will not thinik of changing her name because she has a very proud past and is perhaps the best known and respected Alberg 30 in the Great Lakes. Persephone (ater the Greek Goddess who was married off to Hades, and later allowed to come back from the underworld for half a year each spring) is pronounced "Per se' fo nee", but sometimes affectionately "Per' see phone" by her jealous competitors.
> Persephone was first purchased by Charlie Bell Of Port Credit, Ontario in 1974. He was a keen Racer and avid cruiser and sole owner until his untimely death in 1990. (He died in a deabetic coma on the ski hill). I believe Charlie's spirit is still with the boat and helps her around the race course, or twoard her cruising destination when the wather gets bad. I purchased her in 1992 from his estate.
> Her racing heritage : Persephone won the Alberg Great Lakes Championship once with Charlie at the helm, and a further three times with me and my crew. She has beaten the Americans from Annapolis four times for the Alberg Syronelle Trophy - once with Charlie and three times with me and my crew. She has placed 3rd, 2nd(twice)and first in her division at the Younstown Level Regatta since 1993. She has won her Division Championship at our club ( a Fleet of 18 boats) the last three years running, and this past season had the honour of being Champion of Champions (in a fleet of about 50 boats). In all of this racing she was always treated with great care and never "pushed" but rather "encouraged" to do well. Reefing early not only saves strain on the boat, it helps her to go faster. Also, despite her heavy weather design, she always did particularly will in light air.
> Cruising - Persephone has cruised throughout Lake Ontario and Georgian bay with Charlie and his gang. I have left Charlie's last log book aboard, as it was there when i found her. You may find this interesting reading. I never had the opportunity to sail Persephone on Georgian Bay, but i single-handed her to the Thousand Islands and back every summer since 1992. I think you will find her well suited to short-handed sailing.
> Persephone has never seen salt water, and i'm sure she is looking forward to her new adventure. Bon Voyage!
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> p.s. i entered Persephone in two races this past summer and she placed first each time.
> joe murray
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