[alberg30] Alberg 30, Texas review

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Sun Jan 30 15:24:31 PST 2000

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You can compare designs, ie, alberg to other boats but Dieter Empacher (sp) 
sure did a fine job for Bristol. The 29.9 is interior volume wise about the
size of the older 34. More than the 32.

If I didn't mention it, there is a 30 also at the same dock which will go 
for sale soon but I can't get ahold of the owner.

The Cape Dory is smaller 30 than the 29.9 but a very nice boat.
At any rate: I found a Pearson 30 via the phone )saw her in the distance(
and when I called back my friend told me that boat may go for next to 

So the networking is expanding my visits bountifully.

I very much like the 29.9. I cannot imagine the interior space of the 35.5
when comparing the 34. So it must be a great boat.

Anyway: I am still deliberating on the Alberg. I think I am going to start 
out at 4500. and see what goes from there.

No, it was not freezing--except to those who have lived in Texas all their 
lives. It is like Oriental at 48 degrees with a blustery wind. Texans go 
about in Parkas. Those new to Texas will be in a light Sweater or maybe 
a wool shirt over a shirt. I am at the heavy sweater stage having resided
here for 9 years....Oh, well, okay, I am a sissy now but I did live in 
Wisconsin and at 8500 ft in Colorado West of Boulder.

But the boat is sound from an amateur and a bit more experienced sailor and 
amat. buyer. ENOUGH to do to make it a pain but with the fixed spreader, good 
sails and extrusions otherwise, ready to at least sail. The Pearson may need
a lot more work but for dimes and nickels maybe. Which allows me to purchase
the Day Sailer(DS) for my son to race at Clear lake. Oh, well.

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>From: John Birch <Sunstone at idirect.com>
>Oh Russ, I respectfully disagree, I would council he buy the boat he wants 
>hand not a compromise with a Gramp 26. If this deal can't come together, so 
>it, look for another - A30.
>To the purchaser, the decks were in good shape, not soft.  Was the weather 
>freezing to be sure you weren't walking on frozen waterlogged core?
>Waterlogged decks appear as stiff as the masonite decks until thaw time - 
>oh oh.
>Moisture meters are fair at best, the barefoot walk about on the deck, in
>sustained above freezing temperatures along with the meter is the best way to
>determine core condition along with selective percussion on suspect areas 
with a
>coin or other metal tool.
>Don't rely on only one of the above techniques, use 'em all in conjunction 
>make sure the core isn't frozen.
>Spreaders, in aluminium $300 CDN for airfoil ones.  Cost of refit add 100% to
>what ever number you estimate and you'll likely be over that budget by 30% in 
>end.  If not, buy a nice bottle of Perrier-Jouet to celebrate.
>Russ, thanks for the Alberg rating stuff.
>Rap1208 at aol.com wrote:
>> From: Rap1208 at aol.com
>> David, my guess of what you should offer has dropped about two grand.  The
>> absent owner must remember her in her glory days, not as she is.  The 
>> will take as much as any one will pay......perhaps a fool will walk in and
>> pay the asking price, but no one has yet.
>>                                                         If you want to 
>> the Granpian 26 is not a bad boat, if the price is right, and has, perhaps,
>> more boom below than the Alberg.  Buy her, sail her, while you find an 
>> thats fits you better.  It sounds as If you are busy enough  already.
>> Russ Pfeiffer
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