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George Dinwiddie alberg30 at gaucho.nethollywood.net
Sun Mar 10 20:25:33 PST 2002

I'm passing this message on to the list, in case anyone's
interested in this unit.  Please respond directly to 
Robert Olah.

 - George

Forwarded message:
> From: "Robert Olah" <rjolah at worldnet.att.net>
> To: <webmaster at alberg30.org>
> Subject: autohelm for A-30
> Date: Sun, 10 Mar 2002 09:14:57 -0500
> George- Your website has become somewhat more complex than it was when I was
> a member. I've sold my A-30 (#442, Aliage) and am looking for a new home for
> my Autohelm ST2000 and Windvane. I was hoping to place an ad on your website
> but can't seem to find a place to do so. At my asking price and in the
> condition that its in I think that it might be a service to your members if
> you could pass the information along in some manner. (Particularly since I
> was so very pleased with the way it operated on my A-30.)
> The unit was new in 1996. I used it on my Alberg 30 sloop.
> Saw light use 1996,1997,1998,sold boat in June 1999. Light use means that I
> used the boat 6-10 times a year for daysails. Original cost $935: $650 for
> Autohelm ST2000, $250 for windvane/seatalk converter Z159 and $35 for
> carrying case. See 2001 West Marine catalog pages 160-161. The unit
> literally looks like new and I still have the original
> packaging (as well as my original purchase receipt). I'm attaching a photo
	[photo not forwarded]
> of the complete system. An 18" ruler is in the foreground for your
> reference. In the box with the windvane, which gets mounted at the stern of
> the boat, is the sea-talk box and the connecting cabling. The sea-talk box
> gets mounted out of the weather below decks. The windvane plugs into the
> seatalk box, which will also accept input from other sources, such as a GPS.
> The sea-talk box then tells the autohelm what to do.
> This is a computer-based steering system that actually teaches itself to
> steer according to the boat's characteristics and the current weather state
> each time you turn it on. It will steer the boat either on a magnetic
> heading or by apparent wind. Course can be adjusted in plus or minus 1
> degree or 10 degree increments. It has an auto tack feature which will
> change course 90 degrees to either port or to starboard. Great when you are
> sailing alone. It has its own internal fluxgate compass with a visible
> readout on top of the unit. The ST2000 has a recirculating ball drive
> actuator that is twice as fast as an ST1000.
> The price is $450 for this like-new system. Comes complete except for $3.99
> bronze deck socket (into which autopilot mounts) and $14.99 electrical
> socket (into which autopilot plugs). These items stayed on boat. Are
> available from West Marine- also shown on pages 160-161, 2001 catalog.
> Thanks, Bob Olah

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