[Alberg30] Re: Yanmar 20 props

Faerthen Felix ffelix at lycos.com
Wed Mar 13 17:49:08 PST 2002

Thanks for the info--sounds like 3 blades is a good way to go! It seems like this propeller discussion would make a good page for the wiki-wiki...

I have the 2GMF Yanmar engine (already on the boat when I installed it in
1993) and a 13 inch three-blade prop (don't know the pitch) and it will kick
me along at 6-7 knots in a calm, and nearly as well with a moderate breeze
in your face.  

I do not race the boat, but there is no noticeable noise or vibration while
under sail.  The only negative is that the Yanmar is not the most quiet
engine when it is operating (though the noise under way is definitely
tolerable).  But she has never had the wrench on her, at least since I have
had the boat.

Neal Jackson
No. 486

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I have a three bladed prop and do not notice any difference, in fact I took 
3rd out of 10, in the Miles River race two years ago. My die-hard racing 
friends would never consider a 3-blade prop because of the drag, but I think

you can make that up with luck.
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>I do not get any noise or oscillation. With the Yanmar, they recommend that
>the transmission is placed in reverse under sail, otherwise you will damage
>the transmission.
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>Thanks for the help! This is a great list!
>Do you get a lot of noise or vibration while under sail with a 3-blade prop 
>dragging through the water?

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