[Alberg30] some questions

Dave Terrell DTERRELL.GWSTAFF.GWNMC at message.nmc.edu
Wed Mar 20 08:51:19 PST 2002

My boat will go in the water in about 6 weeks and my refitting process is making good progress, but I have a few  questions related to the process and the boat. Here they are:

1. My new holding tank has arrived from Raritan ($176.00 delivered). It will fit into the port space forward of the head. My question here is: what is the best way to secure it in place? 

2. I am in the process of refinishing all the interior wood - mine looked OK when I first looked at it but turned out to be really ratty on closer inspection. I am  referring to the finish, not the wood itself. My question is: what type of wood was used to make the main bulkhead? I am hoping to have an idea what it is before I go after it with a sander. Knowing might change my strategy.

3. Reefing "early."  I am an Alberg owner who has not had a chance to sail the boat.  I had some offers but the things got in the way. I has testamoniansl from those who had sailed them and owed them. And I sailed a similar hull configuration with a low aspect main many times. When I looked at the boat, the previous owner did not want to raise the sails when we motored about. He had to get home. He may have been concerned that he would scare me off if we put the rail in the water - actually it was fairly calm that that day. Nonetheless, I know what I have and will be happy as a clam with it, but I would like to fill up an information void.

So, what is early?  I have recieved mixed reports on this. One of my friends who has a Alberg 30 says he sailed with guys in Toronto and "reef" was not in their vocabulary. I assume they were racing. On the other hand, I saw some folks sailing a 30 in Northport Bay in Michigan and they were reefed when the wind were modestat best.  John Vigor quotes an owner of an A30 who said that early was 18 to 20 kts. This month's Sailing Magazine review the Alberg 30 and says early but does not say what that is. Of course, early for one person may be late for another. I remember that when I first sailed my Cal 27 T2 early was somewhat under 15 but last summer early or on time could be 20. 

And a related matter - what angle of heel does the boat tend to "settle in" at and "run on rails" as Sailing Magazine said? 

So, what is the experience and wisdom of the group on this matter? I would like to hear what you think. I will find out for my self early on in May, but some info would be much appreciatred.

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