[Alberg30] mast for Mr. Phillips

George Dinwiddie gdinwiddie at min.net
Mon Mar 4 12:28:37 PST 2002

> John Phillips said:
> As my motivation is a stronger mast and not a racing edge, is there room for 
> a compromise here?

Certainly.  The Racing Committee is pretty lenient these days.  It's
not like the old times when a cunningham was a hotly contested
upgrade.  Going for a tapered spar to reduce weight aloft, or a 
lightweight bendy mast might be looked upon with disfavor.  A
heavy spar of dimensions similar to the original is not likely to
be a problem.  If you can find out from SailNet what spar was
used, it might be a good choice since a local expert has already
looked at it and thought it equivalent.

 - George

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