[Alberg30] Companion way Slide

Mike Lehman sail_505 at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 8 08:50:56 PST 2002

Yes, you are missing something. There are [were] two little pieces of metal 
which extended out toward the centerline of the boat 'hooked' under the 
metal slides and locked the hatch to the track. If missing, they wouldn't be 
hard to fabricate.

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Sorry, I forgot to identify myself in the last message.

Bill Ydel
SallB #441
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     I am in the process of replacing the plywood in my companion way slide 
with a piece of smoked lexan to get more light in to the cabin. When I took 
the slide off I noticed that there are 2 sets of 2 screw holes on each side 
on the underside in the corners. Am I missing something?? Should there be 
some type of clip that slides on the track. (or something)

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