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Thu Mar 14 08:17:49 PST 2002

In a message dated 3/11/02 7:51:53 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
gewhite at crosslink.net writes:

 I have not had a bit of trouble. It does not
apparently leak, nor does the VERY slight amount of "give" bother me.
The light it admits to the engine compartment allows me to peer back

Hi Gordon,

The Bomar access panel I put in is made of white, opaque, plastic. From your 
description, it sounds like your hatch is a 'real' hatch, one intended for a 
for hatch, or mid cabin hatch, expected to withstand the weight of crew 
standing, and possibly jumping on them. Those are stronger than the access 
panel hatches, but of course, more expensive.

I have nothing against Bomar, beleive me!!!!  I am glad they made the access 
panel for me to use.  :)  It would be dangerous, though, to not recognize the 
weakness of anything we use on the water.

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