[Alberg30] Lightning protection

schuylki at vanent.vanebros.com schuylki at vanent.vanebros.com
Fri Mar 15 05:12:40 PST 2002

>Any comments as to whether this should be sufficient and what
alternatives there might be.

Short answer: no, it's not sufficient and there are no alternatives.

There, i've got the smart a$$ out of my system :-)

I've seen 440 volts do amazing things-plasma balls, blowing things up; a
lightning bolt is several magnitudes greater. You are not going to have any
protection from a direct strike, except possibly saving your life by
getting within the 'Faraday Cage' created by the standing rigging.

All lightning gizmo protection schemes I have seen are to minimize close
strikes, or perhaps side branches of the main strike. The question becomes:
up to what level do you want protection? Be aware there is a line of
thought that postulates if there is no ground at all, there is nothing to
attract the strike in the first place, the point being, the more grounding,
the more attraction. I favor stealth mode, myself.

Michael #220

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