[Alberg30] some questions

Brian and Elaine Timmins timmins at optonline.net
Wed Mar 20 19:38:16 PST 2002

I'll throw in my opinions.
> 1. My new holding tank has arrived from Raritan ($176.00 delivered). It
will fit into the port space forward of the head. My question here is: what
is the best way to secure it in place?
The tank I fit was a good snug fit into the space (by luck). After it was
all plumbed, it didn't want to move. I didn't do anything special.
> 2. I am in the process of refinishing all the interior wood - mine looked
OK when I first looked at it but turned out to be really ratty on closer
Try using a good wood cleaner first. If it isn't all gouged up, it might
clean up OK. I use Minwax Wood Cleaner in a spray on and wipe off method.
After that, Teak Oil on the wood makes it look great. First time I did it,
it took three coats. Ever since, it's been one coat per year.
> 3. Reefing "early."
> So, what is early?
Early depends on you and your sails. With my older baggy main, I needed to
reef at just under 15kts of wind or else the ride was really uncomfortable.
With the new UK 2+2 main, I didn't reef at all in the first season (up to
20kts). In the second season, I found that reefing at about 18kts would
smooth out the ride and not cost any speed.
> And a related matter - what angle of heel does the boat tend to "settle
in" at and "run on rails" as Sailing Magazine said?
I love George's answer, keep the winches and windows out of the water.
My experience has shown the best balance and speed and feeling of "being in
the groove" came in the vicinity of 18 - 20` angle of heel. Of course this
also depends on the set of your sails.   I believe this will prove to be
approximately equal to Mike's answer of cove stripe to the water.
Brian    formerly #497

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