[Alberg30] some questions

Brian and Elaine Timmins timmins at optonline.net
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   While they are still posted, you might want to take a look at some
pictures of my A30 which are posted at:
I just sold the boat, but the pictures are still available. In fact, I'll be
adding about 7 pictures once the photo CD gets here from the developer. The
added pictures will include the table leg and table set up. Good Luck on
your refinishing job. OBTW, I think my wood is solid and not veneer as well.
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> Thanks for the input. it really helps a lot. Was the color of your
interior a dark color - sort of like an old victorian home? Mine is. Modest
sanding and varnishing has brought out the natural color of the wood on the
cabinet doors. The next step is the main bulkhead, the head and the v-berth.
I think the wood is solid and not a veneer, but only closer inspection will
sort that out. Right now we are having more snow in northern michigan -
feels like a blizzard but it is just some more snow - so I will have to wait
till tommorrow to inspect in more detail. I am hoping that if lightening the
color will make the boat brigter and bigger.
> thanks again for the insight.

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