[Alberg30] Forward water tank

Michael dickdurk at intercom.net
Sat Mar 23 14:54:35 PST 2002

>I am now told that the potable water tank in the v-berth leaks badly and is
>filled with algae.

As John said, it's very unlikely the tank itself leaks...but. algae happens.
You can gain access to the tank by either removing, and resealing (which
most likely is the source of leaks) the aluminum plate on the port side
(access through a cutout under the port Vberth), or the best option, crank
up the jigsaw.

You will need two hatches. I used a Hobie Cat pop out style for the
outermost one-this one is basically cosmetic. the second one (from memory)
is a Harken  threaded type with o-ring that goes on the top of the water
tank itself. The main point is this whole assembly needs to fit through the
outer one. I guess you can see how it goes from here on-the surgery being
done is in the crotch of the v-berth, where there is a small cushion. The
main part of the water tank is under there.

You'll still need to remove algae from the vinyl hose -I'm in the process of
replacing this myself. The green O.E. looks really cheesy, but at 35 years
it's still holding up, except for the algae.

This job (the access plate) is well worth the effort, in my opinion. Easier
winterizing, access to FW if all else fails, and easy cleaning of the tank.
As far as your leak problem, make sure the end of the vent hose is accounted
for-it took me several years to figure that one out.


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