[Alberg30] Masthead sheve

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Fri Mar 29 08:02:44 PST 2002

If you have not decided on a mast head sheave manufacturer for the group 
purchase yet........

members who have been reading this list for a couple of years may remember 
that when I decided to replace my sheave, the rigger in Anapolis that I first 
qouted wanted 300 dollars to make a new sheave, and replace the retaining 
plates and bolt bushing and bolt.

I found that Tartan Yachts, in Ohio, also could do the machining. They sent 
me a sheave made of the same polymer used in commercial cranes. They also 
fabricated the aluminum retaining plates, bolt bushing, and stainless steel 
bolt. Delivered, it was just over 100 bucks, in 1998.  Prices may have risen, 
but for a group purchase, they may still be able to give you a very good 

I can't find the address, but it was the Service dept at Tartan, and the guy 
I spoke to was named Joe. The old, venerable, Tartan 27 had/has a very 
similar main halyard sheave, and so they are familiar with the gear.

Lee Trachtenberg
Stargazer #255
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