[Alberg30] Running lines aft

Peter Amos peter.amos1 at btinternet.com
Tue Nov 5 14:32:33 PST 2002

Joe,the topping lift is a Catch 22 situation.If I leave it supporting the boom the leech snags under the shrouds and lazy jacks when the main is being raised.If I slacken it the leech straightens and the main goes up more cleanly but needs more effort.The extra effort is no problem at the mast but as George points out becomes important at the cockpit.If I have to go to the mast to take care of problems or any part of the raising/reefing process I might as well do everything there.What I want is a system that allows a singlehander to do everything from the cockpit,without snags,when conditions are bumpy.All suggestions are welcome.I have considered a battenless main.Has anyone tried one?
Peter Amos #478
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