[Alberg30] Running lines aft

George Dinwiddie gdinwiddie at alberg30.org
Tue Nov 5 15:58:06 PST 2002


I also don't have the lazy jacks deployed when I'm raising the sail.

  - George

Peter Amos wrote:

> Joe,the topping lift is a Catch 22 situation.If I leave it supporting
> the boom the leech snags under the shrouds and lazy jacks when the main
> is being raised.If I slacken it the leech straightens and the main goes
> up more cleanly but needs more effort.The extra effort is no problem at
> the mast but as George points out becomes important at the cockpit.If I
> have to go to the mast to take care of problems or any part of the
> raising/reefing process I might as well do everything there.What I want
> is a system that allows a singlehander to do everything from the
> cockpit,without snags,when conditions are bumpy.All suggestions are
> welcome.I have considered a battenless main.Has anyone tried one?
> Peter Amos #478

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