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Excellent idea to use foam. The tank will generally not fill the 
compartment tho, unless it is really large. Plus, you would have to 
be quite careful with the foam as it would compress the water and 
force it out the breathing tube, thus reducing tank capacity. This 
method on the connections tho I think would be excellent, since in my 
experience that is where they go.


>An interesting variety of opinions.I suspect problems with the 
>flexible variety are though flexing at the connecting points and 
>chafe elsewhere.As a suggestion,fill the installed tank with clean 
>water so that it  assumes the shape of the compartment then spray 
>foam around it.If the foam adheres to the tank it would stop it 
>collapsing when empty.Might have to check to ensure the foam has no 
>chemical reaction with the plastic of the tank.Might be able to do 
>something similar with the connections.Tie them off so that the 
>plastic is not stressed then foam them to hold rigid.Just a thought.
>Neal,I would like the information on the Raritan please ,keeping all 
>my options open.
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