[Alberg30] profurl roller furling

sousa, stephen (ENG) sousa_stephen at emc.com
Tue Nov 12 06:28:57 PST 2002

Since the mast is located at the boat yard I haven't had a chance to take a
few photos. I plan on being at the boat yard on 11/17 and will take a few
photos. A few of the other folks are asking to see these same photos of the
new mast head.

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Earlier this year we had a discussion about using profurl roller furling on
our boats. I shared some of my challenges and Stephen indicated that he had
modified the masthead to deal with the problem. Now that sailing season is
over, I would l ike to look at adapting my masthead so it works better with
the profurl. At the time of the discussion, it was indicated that pictures
or drawings could be provided of what you did. Could this be done now? I am
assuming that nothing as been placed on the web site, but will look to see
if i did  not miss something - which is always possible. 
David - 432 - talisman.

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