[Alberg30] Ginny Pole

J Bergquist j at ship.saic.com
Mon Nov 25 11:02:58 PST 2002


I have been trying to buy a pole from Bacons for about 6 months now. I 
finally decided that it would be cheaper, easier, and better to just 
build one from scratch myself. I always found that the poles at Bacon's 
were around $200, which is about the same as material cost for a new 
pole (got my prices from Fawcett's - aka. Tiffany's-on-the-Bay). The 
poles I found at Bacon's were never exactly the right length, or the 
fittings didn't work well, or they had old rivets, or there was 
inevitably some undesirability...

The length of the pole is in the rules, but if memory serves me 
correctly, it should be no more than 10'6".

J Bergquist
Calliope #287

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