[Alberg30] Kenyon-Homestrand Model 640

Tom Kunich tkunich at earthlink.net
Sat Sep 6 13:08:15 PDT 2003

I have a nearly new Kenyon-Homestrand Model 640 three burner pressure
kerosene stove + oven in stainless steel finish. It is a large thing
and includes the gimbals. It is 21 1/4" wide, 19 1/2" deep (+1 1/2"
handle on the oven) and 23" high to top of rails.

Someone converted it to kerosene after their trip around the pacific
rim. Then they decided to convert to propane and sold me this stove.
I'd intended it for my next boat but then the next boat already had a
propane setup in it. I prefer the kerosene but I'm not changing

I'll sell it for $300 plus shipping and I'm sure that you all know
what these things go for. The last new models I saw for sale were
almost $700 and that was years ago. This one isn't new but it looks
pretty good. No dents or mars.

No I don't have any pictures of it and if you need pictures you don't
know what this is and can't use it.

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