[Alberg30] Isabel 2

Randy Weatherspoon rlwspoon at earthlink.net
Mon Sep 15 19:08:26 PDT 2003

The rotation of the wind is clockwise -- (the clouds in the pictures makes 
it look the other way)
-- so depending on orientation--where the wind comes off the water first it 
is the strongest -- as it goes over land it slows a bit at ground level 
----- a big difference ---but still dangerous

If you can get to open water with good gear that is the best -- maybe in 
the lee of a small "clean" peninsula--
research from the North Sea showed the Bruce Anchor had the best holding in 
soft bottom -- but I am a traditionalist and like the oversized Danforth 
--we used those in the Gulf of Mexico on crane barges with extra (100%) 
 additional metal welded to the flukes
for the muddy bottom-

Three strand nylon line has about 30% (I think- forgot source) stretch-- 
and is easier on the boat if you have the space -- (double braid is very 
hard on the boat) white is stronger than colored line --proper splices save 
more of the strength capacity over knots--worth the expense if you can't do 
your own

Low water is a problem depending on orientation but I've only seen the 
surge  -- was the boat an Alberg ?
Always curious how it would refloat

Good Luck
Randy   #385

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