[Alberg30] Re: Hurricane aftermath

gordon white gewhite at crosslink.net
Sat Sep 20 04:31:40 PDT 2003

Here on the lower Bay (Deltaville) I don't think there was much boat 
damage. A LOT of boats were hauled. We stayed in the slip out back. The 
surge was about six  feet. Aside from losing the dock box and one (of 
two) port bow lines, no damage. Good thing we doubled the lines. Washed 
out the electrical boxes with fresh water and the electricity on the 
pier seems ok. (we have a generator. No utility power yet in Middlesex 
County.) The phones were out for about 20 hours but are back now. They 
were very noisy for a while. My cell phone tower must be down. The 
community water system is down.
    Worst damage here since '33. At least 150 trees in this 30-home 
community are down. Six houses have trees on them. We had to chain saw 
our way out of the subdivision.

- Gordon White
 Brigadoon (275)

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