[Alberg30] Good News

Dave Terrell DTERRELL at message.nmc.edu
Tue Sep 23 12:04:33 PDT 2003

I am happy to hear, from all I have read so far that most everyone got
through Isabel pretty well. That  certainly is good news

I have some more good news to share. I finally sold my Cal 27 T2 that 
I have referred  to on more than a few occassions. She went to a nice
man - an electrician -  here in Traverse City who wants to introduce his
three kids to sailing - two boys and a girl - all young from 7th grade
to 1st grade I would guess. It is their first boat. So far, Eric tells
me the wife is not a sailor, but... I have agreed to provide sailing
lessons next spring when he puts it in the water.

Now that she has found a new home, I am not sure I agree that the day a
person sells a boat is a totally joyous day. I am glad not to have the
financial burden and am very glad she will go to a very good family and
will be well loved, but there is some sadness - she is a good boat and I
had a lot of fun on her and learned a lot about sailing from here.

Thanks for letting me share this with you all - I have gotten a
trememdous amount of help from you and really appreciated it, and so
just wanted to share some good news with you and share in yours.

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