[Alberg30] diesel engine

schuylki at vanent.vanebros.com schuylki at vanent.vanebros.com
Fri Sep 5 04:00:12 PDT 2003

>don't want a bigger prop.  Think I'll stick
>with e atomic 4. 

If push comes to shove (pun sort of intended), you can stay with the same 
size wheel, just don't let the engine overspeed. Also an increase in the 
pitch of the wheel shoulden't affect drag while sailing-if anything, it 
will reduce drag.

You can only increase the diameter of the wheel about 1 inch, anyway, and 
still fit in the aperture. On my boat, the deadwood (the area of the keel 
immediately ahead of the wheel) pretty effectively shields the two bladed 
prop if it is stopped in the vertical position.

IMHO wheel size woulden't stop me from making a switch from gas to 
diesel-esp. if the diesel was already available; and I like having the 
boat optimized for sailing efficiency. I'd be more concerned about the 
weight difference between the two engines and their placement in the hull.

Michael G.
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