[Alberg30] Iasbel Aftermath

Charles B. Currier cbcurrier at spinrx.com
Mon Sep 22 05:05:49 PDT 2003


 My 2 A30's fared fine on their mushroom anchors with 70+ feet of chain &
pennant. Unfortunately Sandy Dapkunas'(please pardon me if I get the
spelling wrong) boat did not.  She was beat up pretty good between 2 big
boats at the slip in Kitty Duvall Creek off of the south River. Broke 1
dock line loose & made a nice mess of herself. Looks like it needs new
Toe Rails (P&S) & rubrail as well as gelcoat & paint. Shame too, he had
spent much of the summer fixing her up. Never imagined that the thickness
of that teak would be reduced to splinters. Thats better than some of the
other boats at that dock. Sunk 3 & I believe 3 broke loose.

A tartan 10 dragged her mooring & ended up on a private dock. lost of
damage off the south river.

In Annapolis there were 3 boats around the Navy Sea wall. 1 has since been
moved off. She was resting on top. The other 2 are on the bottom. One may
be a columbia 40+ at least that is the speculation I have heard.  All 3
boats were at the Nave Anchorage on the eve of the storm & did not escape
to a better location when the harbormaster warned them off.
Well thats enough damage for now.

C.B. Currier
Annapolis, MD
Infinity #57
Daybreak #458

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