[Alberg30] Tensioning Dual Stays

George Dinwiddie gdinwiddie at min.net
Tue Sep 30 07:14:13 PDT 2003

This is always a problem.  When you have two head-stays, they share
the strain, resulting in approximately half the tension on each
one.  This makes them sag, which makes the roller fuling bind.  If
you double the backstay tension to bring the forestay back to normal,
you risk driving the mast through the cabin roof or turning your
boat into a banana.

You don't get anything for free.  Improving one aspect has other,
less desirable, effects.  That's why everyone should think long and
hard before trying to turn their boat into some other kind of boat.

 - George

> Voyager Toronto said:
> What's the correct tuning when both a (Profurl) furling system AND a 
> separate forestay are installed?
> Calvin
> Voyager #30, Toronto

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