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Manza, John LtCol manzaj at tacom.army.mil
Tue Jun 1 05:43:55 PDT 2004

I sailed Jante II # 150 back from Ashtabula, Ohio to Detroit this past
week.  The weather was pretty crappy and some large seas built up in
Lake Erie.  I was hoping to see some Alberg owners at Port Clinton, but
the west winds took us on a long northwesterly tack up to the Canadian
My major lesson learned was that my new pulpit anchor mounting system is
not trustworthy.  Repeated plunging of the bow set the anchor free.  I
had tied the anchor chain off so we did not come to a screeching halt,
but the result was three or four minutes of the anchor banging against
the bow before I could harness up and retrieve it.  In the future I will
always tie off the anchor to the top of the pulpit.
The good side of the trip was the refurbished sails that I rigged from
sailcare.  These were original sails from 1966 (a storm jib and jib) and
they performed and looked like new after the rework.  I highly recommend
the use of that company to those who do not wish to purchase new sails.
John Manza       

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