[Public-list] still agonizing over non slip

Roger L. Kingsland rkingsland101 at ksba.com
Tue Jun 1 10:36:36 PDT 2004


"PERFECT intentions" is coming dangerously close to being ready for a huge milestone, the paint job.  I have taken a serious look at Treadmaster non-slip, glue down matting but, even though it seems you would cut your foot before slipping on the stuff, it is expensive and, I think, would look odd because it is so thick (1/8").  I keep going back to non-slip paint but am concerned that the paint on top of the non slip granules wears off to expose ugly black "spots." 

Of the variety of non slip paint discussed in the past, does anyone know of any that hold their (light) color after a few years of use?

I have filled the original no slip gel coat with epoxy.  One thing I thought of is routing out sections under the non slip matting (Treadmaster) "patches" to 1/16" depth which would place the continuous matting (below the raised triangles) flush with the deck. this way it would drain well and only the 1/16" high triangles would be above the plane of the deck.

Any thoughts would be most appreciated.

Roger Kingsland
Chief Boat Boy
"PERFECT intentions", A30 #148
on the hard at N40° 33.945' W79° 51.260'
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