[Public-list] Unexpected repair to gas tank filler hose

Daniel Sternglass dans at stmktg.com
Thu Jun 10 12:41:36 PDT 2004

Hi A-30 people,

Just before launching my A-30 last week, I noticed that the gas filler 
hose was disintegrating at the end where it attaches to the tank. In my 
1966 model, it is a simple, if contorted, process to replace the 4 short 
lengths of -conductive- filler hose (there is also a wire grounding the 
filler to the tank) and the 8 clamps that clamp them to the steel parts 
and the tank and filler. Some of the 3 steel connecting parts were quite 
corroded on the outside, but usable after cleaning them up.

Since this hose is almost entirely out of sight, I thought I'd mention 
it on the list if some of you (like me) had never previously thought to 
inspect it along its length.

--Dan Sternglass
Watcher of teh Skies, #201, 1966, Cayuga Lake, Ithaca, NY
dans at stmktg.com

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